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Is a One Page Website Right for You?

When should newbie service-based business owners launch a website? Figuring out the answer can be challenging! There’s no hard and fast rule for the “right” time to launch your first website. But after you’ve signed your first few clients, it starts to feel like something you “should” do. 

And yet, the thought of having to come up with content for a fully fleshed-out, five-page website can feel like overkill! Starting a business, figuring out your brand and services, and trying to sign clients is overwhelming. It’s all too easy to keep on pushing that website launch to the back burner. 

And yet, there’s a huge marketing benefit to having your own URL to make your business more legit and drive organic leads to your business. So, what should you do? Enter one-page websites!


One-page websites are the perfect website foundation

I still remember to this day the moment I purchased my first website template. This was in my virtual assistant days – I wasn’t a WordPress designer yet, so I had no idea what I was getting into! What I *truly* needed was a simple one-page website template to introduce myself and my services to clients. What I got was a complicated multi-page template!

I grabbed my laptop and sat down after the kiddos went to bed, ready to create my website that the company promised was “so easy” to customize. Needless to say, it was NOT, and that template has been collecting dust on my virtual bookshelf ever since 🤣

Once I grew my passion and business around website design and development, I wanted to create something better. Something for service providers who are ready to shout their business from the rooftops…but aren’t quite ready to have a 5+ page website with all the content, photos, and overwhelm that comes with it. 

And this year, I finally created that service! Scalable Sites are one-page websites for WordPress that I built with service providers in mind.


One Page Website in WordPress

Since I’m a WordPress designer, I wanted to make an easy way for clients to set up their sites in WordPress from day one. So many service-based business owners start off with Wix, Squarespace, or Showit…only to switch to WordPress later. 

WordPress is far more customizable, but a lot of the time my clients don’t realize they want or need those options until later. Then, they have to go through a messy migration process or start building a site from the ground up.

With a one-page website template, it’s possible to build your site in WordPress now!


One Page Semi Custom Website By Southern Creative

Can you have a strategic one-page website?

Absolutely! With the right design, layout, and user experience, a one page website can be just as strategic as a five-page site. Depending on what stage you’re at in your business, a one page website might even serve your needs better than a full website.

At Southern Creative, we offer both. Our Launch Week service is for five-page websites, while Scalable Sites are built around a one page website template. They’re both built on proven marketing strategy that converts website visitors to clients. The one page website template just condenses that journey!

So, which one should you choose? Here’s how to tell if a one page website is right for you! 


You’re in the early days of your business

One-page websites are perfect for online service providers who are new to the scene. 

When you’re ramping up your online business, the thought of putting up a full-blown website can be daunting! Sorting through multiple-page templates that have a bazillion pages you can’t even craft content for is flat-out overwhelming. I know because I was there!

You’re still figuring out services, exploring what your clients actually need, and pinpointing your position in the market. A one-page website is a short and sweet way to communicate who you are and what you do, without having to dive into a ton of details about your business that you might not even know yet.


You just went through a pivot

Even if you’re a seasoned service provider, narrowing down your niche is a little bit like starting fresh. You already know the ropes of online business. But with a new offer, there’s still plenty to figure out about your packages, ideal client, and marketing strategy. Just like when you’re starting out, it takes time to figure out your positioning, messaging, and services.


You don’t want to handle the tech yourself

Going the DIY route is a lot to handle, even if you’re only building a one page website. You’ll still need to figure out the tech details of setting up a WordPress website, hosting, and plugins galore! With a service like Scalable Sites, you get the help of an expert with a much more affordable price tag! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on getting new clients (not on figuring out what in the world a DNS is and how to point it)?


You want to get online, ASAP

Since one page websites are (literally) a scaled-down version of a full website, they take less time to get online! There’s less copy to write and fewer brand photos to round up, which significantly shortens the timeline. 

Psst! No brand photos yet? Our one page website templates include a stock photo license to supplement content!


You want to be on WordPress from the beginning

I get it – when you’re doing everything on your own, Squarespace starts to look pretty dang appealing! But don’t sell yourself out and make things more difficult down the line. Everyone wants to switch to WordPress when it’s time to build in custom functionality and get serious about SEO strategy. But you can have WordPress now AND later! 

With a one page website on WordPress, you can add more pages onto your existing site any time you like! If you go with another platform, expanding your site or moving to WordPress isn’t as simple.  


One Page Website By Southern Creative For Midst Of Motherhood

Is a one-page website right for you? 

To sum up, a one-page website in WordPress is the perfect pick if you:

  • Just launched your business
  • Have a few clients but want to attract more
  • Recently pivoted or niched down into a new area
  • Want to skip the techy set-up details
  • You want to fast-track getting your website online
  • You already know WordPress is where it’s at
  • You aren’t ready for a full-blown five-page website
  • You want room to grow in the future…without a website overhaul


Get online, ASAP with our scalable one page WordPress websites!

We’ve designed one page website templates, especially for service-based business owners. They come complete with all the strategy and support you need to get your website online in as little as one week. Oh, and did we mention that they’re ready-made to convert site visitors into clients? 


Book your One Page Website week now! 


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