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It’s time to spruce up your website and start showing up where your potential clients are searching

Because you only have one shot to make a first impression and the perfect color palette and fonts won’t make a difference unless they are paired with a website that is backed with strategy

A website that is aligned with your business and shows up in search results is possible

What service are you looking for?

One Day Website

One Page Website

Our scalable site package may be perfect for you if you are years 0 - 2 in business. It is a one-page website that sets the foundation for a  WordPress website that can scale with you.

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One Week Website

Are you an online service provider ready to scale and stand out? Launch Week is designed to provide OSPs with an elevated and aligned digital presence rooted in strategy.

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SEO Services

Ready to *actually* get found by search engines. Learn more about our SEO services, from an audit to monthly support to start showing up in your clients' search results.

One Page Website

Scalable Sites

Are you an online service provider new to the scene and feeling overwhelmed with all the website options out there? We get it--you're busy crafting your services, refining your client base, and establishing your brand.

That's why we created Scalable Sites, the perfect solution for anyone who wants a gorgeous, high-performing website without all the hassle. Our One-Page Website option is ideal for those who want to start small and grow big, with a custom WordPress site that fits your needs and budget. Say goodbye to endless pages and complicated tech and hello to Scalable Sites.

One Week Website

Launch Week

Are you an online service provider ready to scale and stand out? Launch Week is designed to provide Online Service Providers with an elevated and aligned digital presence rooted in strategy.

With our design-crafted WordPress themes, you'll enjoy the same level of strategy and design as a custom website--but without the custom price tag. And our favorite part? Our process is swift and stress-free, so you can skip the tech migraines and jump right into growing your brand. 

Seo services

Search-Worthy Sites

You've worked hard to build a strong brand and have an aligned website, but you know a piece of the puzzle is missing - organic traffic. Our SEO packages are here to help you craft an SEO strategy that will launch your website out of the digital abyss and into your potential clients' search results.

From SEO consulting, SEO audits, and ongoing monthly support packages, we'll work with you to identify the areas where you can improve and help you implement proven strategies to boost your organic traffic. 

are you an online service provider ready to...

Attract aligned + ideal clients

who just happened to find you in a google search - thank you SEO

Head into a new chapter in your business

the confidence an aligned and professional brand and website gives you will have you crushing your new goals

Gain more time to focus where your heart is

whether that is on a new launch, business vision, or in the backyard with your family

We were 75% over our year-end revenue goal in sales for year one of my business. My website and brand played a huge role in differentiating ourselves as more professional than other competitive companies helping us close jobs at 10 - 15% higher cost than our competitors.

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Hey there! I’m Steph, the Owner and Creative Director behind Southern Creative.

After partnering with business owners in multiple industries, I started seeing the same problems pop up over and over again.

Business owners launching their brand spanking new websites only to still be lacking in overall marketing strategy, over their heads in tech overwhelm, and websites getting lost in the black hole of google.

Cue Southern Creative -- launched with the mission of supporting business owners, like you, truly stand out online, ditch tech overwhelm, overcome digital marketing gaps, and well in short; bring WordPress Websites back with a new level of sophistication.

In short, no more gorgeous websites getting lost in the black hole of google -- lacking in Strategy, SEO, mobile optimization, and industry best practices. I crafted a strategic system to help you find your brand's secret sauce, design the perfect visuals to match, and then share it with the world on a stellar website.

Southern Creative Owner Steph O'Keefe Sitting In Home Office.

We all know first impressions matter, but it’s what’s underneath that truly makes an impact

pssst...the same goes for your website
others have asked...

a few questions you may have...

There are so many reasons I recommend WordPress over other platforms - the top three being optimization, customization, and the ability to scale as your business grows.

We take on a limited number of custom websites per year with a minimum investment starting at $10K. Reach out today to learn more about fully custom options and availability.

We offer both brand strategy + brand design packages - inquire today for a brand evaluation before investing in web design.

Most of the time if you are needing something updated, it is most likely time for a full refresh. You can apply to work with me and after an evaluation of your brand and website, I can offer recommendations specific to your brand and website.

Online Service Providers - we have worked with Interior Designers, Wedding Planners, Podcasters, Coaches, Private Practice Owners, Therapists, Local Contractors, Travel Agents, Realtors and more! Our WordPress themes are developed to help service-based brands stand out and streamline your website.

I do most of the heavy lifting once we embark on the journey together. However, this does take some time and attention from you in the form of communication, feedback, and a few strategy calls.

I make it as easy and streamlined as possible following our signature process and am here to guide you every step of the way.

We collaborate with some amazing copywriters who are as skilled at the art of conversion writing as we are with the art of design. All of our packages include the option to add-on copywriting.

Yes!  Head over to the Coaching for Designers page for more information, and we can chat further about what support you are looking for.

Of course! I’m happy to answer any other questions you have. You can apply to work with me via the button below or send me an email directly at hello@southerncreativeco.com

Launch your website with ease + start showing up where your clilents are searching!