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Behind every great brand is an even greater story

the story behind southern creative

Whenever we work with a new brand, we strive to fully immerse ourselves into the vision, mission, and client experience.

We get it. Handing over the reins to a business you have poured your heart and soul into isn't easy, which is why with every brand we partner with we treat it as our own.

Every business, no matter if you are running the show wearing all the hats or surrounded by an amazing team, should be backed with a brand and website that is not only scroll-stopping but also searchable.

Every business owner should feel confident with the tech that is running behind the scenes of their brand, instead of one that has you hiring a developer at every turn.

Seo Strategist And Wordpress Designer, Stephanie Okeefe, Reading Seo Inquiry On Phone In Home Office In Raleigh, Nc.

cue the casual introductions

Stephanie Okeefe, Owner Of Southern Creative Sitting On Kitchen Counter.

I love timeless design, neutral color palettes and I truly believe you are worthy of a website that works for you 24/7.

When I'm not behind the computer dreaming up website strategies with some of the best humans across the globe - you can find me in the kitchen, in the garden or exploring nature with my boys.

After going full circle from marketing to teaching, I have found my perfect fit of creativity & strategy as a website designer, developer, and seo strategist.

Rewind a decade or so; you'd find me sitting in business school questioning if I wanted a 9-5 cubicle in my future (spoiler alert - I did not!) Fast-forward through a few career shifts to today, and you'll find me sparking my creativity by reading the latest edition of Magnolia and collaborating with some fabulous service providers.

Stephanie O'Keefe Planting A Fiddle Leaf While Taking A Break From Designing.

behind the scenes

favorite weekend spot

in the garden
or in the kitchen

on a cold day, i'm drinking

a fresh cup
of brewed coffee

ennegram type

the results are in,
I'm a 3w2

design philosophy

simplistic backed
by strategy

our promise

We get to know your full story -

and then help you amplify it.

Your brand should be centered around your mission, values & vision - not someone else. Which is why at Southern Creative, we are on a mission to break free from the noise & create a tailored to you website rooted in strategy so you can stand out and show up.

Meet The Team

We're a small but mighty team collaborating behind the scenes to bring your vision to life. We'll tailor a dream team of experts based on your goals and project needs to help make your vision a reality.

Seo Strategist And Website Designer, Stephanie Okeefe Sitting At Home Office In Raleigh Kitchen.


Founder + Creative Director
Shannon Headshot Southern Creative Team


Copywriter, Brand Voice Strategist


Copywriter, Brand Voice Strategist
Jenni Southern Creative Team Co Developer


Jenny Sykes Headshot Graphic Va For Southern Creative


Graphic VA

Southern Creative has the natural ability to capture the authenticity & values of your company!

"You are inspiring, understanding, funny, and supportive. I know I can trust your creativity and expertise in making my brand the best it could be! You held my hand along the way and I am honestly in awe at how beautiful everything has come together. You make creating a website and brand more understanding to those of us who aren't as tech saavy! Thank you for everything!!"

-maggie ross

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