the story behind southern creative

Behind every great brand is an even greater story

Whenever I work with a new brand, I strive to fully emerge myself into the vision, mission, and client experience.

I get it. Handing over the reins to a business you have poured your heart and soul into isn't easy, which is why it's my mission with every brand I partner with to treat it as my own.

I believe that every business, no matter if you are running the show wearing all the hats or surrounded by an amazing team, should be backed with a brand and website that is not only scroll-stopping but also converts. I believe that everyone should feel confident with the tech that is running behind the scenes of their business, instead of one that has you hiring a developer at every turn.


cue the casual introductions

I rock lulu leggings on the daily, am a sucker for neutral color palettes, and can chat for hours about all things digital marketing.

In that order. I'm also a boy mama, and after going full circle from marketing to teaching, have found my perfect fit of creativity & strategy as a website designer, developer, and brand strategist.

Rewind a decade or so; you'd find me sitting in business school questioning if I wanted a 9-5 cubicle was in my future (spoiler alert - I did not!) Fast-forward through a few career shifts to today, and you'll find me getting inspired in the latest edition of Magnolia while catching up on reruns of New Girl - because balance.

behind the scenes

favorite weekend spot

the farmers

on a cold day, i'm drinking

a latte with
+ a touch of caramel

ennegram type

the results are in,
I'm a 3w2

design philosophy

simplistic backed
by strategy

my promise

I get to know your full story -

and then help you amplify it.

Your brand should be centered around your mission, values & vision - not someone else. Which is why at Southern Creative, we are on a mission to break free from the noise & create a tailored to you website.


Steph has the natural ability to capture the authenticity & values of your company!

"You are inspiring, understanding, funny, and supportive. I know I can trust your creativity and expertise in making my brand the best it could be! You held my hand along the way and I am honestly in awe at how beautiful everything has come together. You make creating a website and brand more understanding to those of us who aren't as tech saavy haha! Thank you for everything!!"

-maggie ross