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Making the Most of Google My Business

In today’s digital-first world, making your business visible online is crucial. One powerful tool at your disposal is Google My Business, aka Google Business Profile. If you’ve been wondering “what is Google My Business?” or how to get Google My Business you’re in the right place!

While often associated with brick-and-mortar stores, Google My Business is an invaluable asset for online businesses, too! It enhances your online visibility and can play a pivotal role in SEO strategy

Let’s dive into how Google My Business SEO can transform your digital footprint.


What is Google My Business and how does it work? 


Important side note: Google My Business *officially* changed names to Google Business Profile in April 2022. However, most people still call it by the original name – so in this blog, you’ll see me call it both Google My Business and Google Business Profile!

So, what is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free business listing tool for promoting your business on Google Search and maps. It helps your business surface in local searches, ensuring that when someone looks for services you offer….your name pops up. 

And here’s the thing about Google My Business for SEO… Essentially, it’s a mini-database providing key details about your business that shows up whenever someone searches for your business by name or for services like yours in their local area.

On your Google Business Profile, you can list all manner of useful information about your business, from hours to services to blog posts.

Google My Business Profile

Why Google My Business SEO matters for ALL businesses – and how to get it


If you have a physical storefront or want to do business in your local area, Google My Business SEO is a must. Once you’ve filled out your profile, your business will be displayed in local search results any time someone searches for products or services like yours.

But local Google My Business SEO is important for online businesses, too! By setting up a GMB profile, you can tap into local markets with less competition. For example, as a business coach for women entrepreneurs, you might face a whole lotta competition when it comes to the entire internet. But listing yourself as a “business coach for women entrepreneurs in Raleigh” taps into Google My Business SEO to give you an edge in search results. 

Is Google My Business for Online Businesses?

While Google My Business was originally intended for businesses with physical storefronts, it’s evolved into a useful tool for anyone.

Today, it’s an essential tool for any local service provider, be it a photographer, coach, or real estate agent. A well-optimized GMB profile can drastically improve local SEO results, enhance your online presence, and foster better client engagement.

Think of Google My Business SEO like one more area of search optimization to complete to help your business gain online authority and searchability. Whenever someone searches for a product or service, Google automatically optimizes search results to include businesses that are locally relevant to the user. 

Plus, racking up high reviews and ratings can increase business know, like, and trust, no matter where you do business!

But for all that to work for you, you’ll need to set up your Google My Business SEO the right way.

Wondering how to get Google My Business?

How to Get Google My Business


Here’s my Step-by-Step Guide on how to get Google My Business:

    1. Visit Google Business Profile and sign in with your business email. Pro tip! It’s best to use an email address at your business domain.
    2. Enter your business name. Be sure to spell it correctly!
    3. Enter your business address. Even if you don’t have a physical business location, this step is key for setting your “local area.”

Setting Up Google My Business Profile

Select whether you’re a storefront or a service provider. 

    1. Choose your business category. This determines which searches your business will show up for!
  • Add your phone number and website.
  1. Verify your local listing. Google will send a postcard to your listed business address. Once you receive it, enter the information on the card into your Google Business Profile to verify that you’re the owner of the business. 
  2. Now, it’s time to optimize your listing and fill everything else in!

Optimizing Google My Business SEO

If you want to get the most out of Google My Business SEO, you’ll want to spruce up your digital storefront a bit beyond the basics. 

Doing so will help you rank higher on Google AND with your trust-factor with potential clients. So, let’s talk about how to give your Google My Business SEO the love it deserves!

Fill everything out

The more relevant information you can add, the better…so fill out every nook and cranny of your profile! It’s like decking out your store windows. The more inviting things are, the more customers will stroll in to check out your business. Include every detail from services to blog posts. It’s not just about being thorough; it’s about painting a complete picture for potential clients to boost SEO and visibility.

In Today’s Digital-First World, Making Your Business Visible Online Is Crucial. One Powerful Tool At Your Disposal Is Google My Business, Aka Google Business Profile. If You’ve Been Wondering “What Is Google My Business?” Or How To Get Google My Business You’re In The Right Place!

Craft an amazing business description

Your business description is your story’s opening line. Make it compelling, clear, and informative. It’s where you tell the world who you are and what you stand for. A well-crafted description not only captivates potential clients but also helps Google understand your business better, improving your search rankings.


Choose the right categories

Selecting the right categories for your business is like picking the right genre for a book – it helps people find you in the right section. The more accurate and specific your categories, the easier it is for the right clients to discover your services. It’s a simple step that can significantly enhance your visibility in relevant searches.


Keep hours updated

Even if you’re an online business, your hours of operation are a small detail with big impact. Keeping them updated means respecting your clients’ time and setting clear expectations. It’s about reliability – ensuring that clients know when you’re available and when you’re not. This detail is especially crucial for local SEO, as it helps avoid any client frustration.


 Double-check for accuracy

Consistency is key online, so make sure your business info is the same all across the internet. Your contact info should be the same on Google My Business, your website, and social media. This isn’t just about looking professional – it also helps you build SEO authority! Discrepancies confuse potential clients and Google. Treat your profile like your best outfit – keep it sharp, coordinated, and always on point!


Add professional photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the world of online business, it’s worth even more. Professional photos on your profile are like a warm, welcoming smile – they draw people in. These images give a face to your business, making it more relatable and trustworthy. So, invest in quality photography or stock photos that reflect your brand’s essence.


Encourage reviews (and respond to them)

Reviews are the internet’s word-of-mouth. Encourage your clients to leave their thoughts – it’s like gathering a crowd cheering for you. And when they do, respond! It shows you’re not just listening, but you care. Responding to reviews, both good and bad, builds trust and shows that you value customer feedback, making your business more approachable.


Share blog posts 

Keep your Google Business Profile updated by sharing your latest blog posts. It’s like having fresh flowers in your store – it adds life and keeps things interesting. Sharing blog content not only engages your audience but also drives traffic to your website, enhancing your SEO and keeping your audience informed and engaged. 

Google My Business Profile Updates


Listing your products and services

Listing services and products clearly helps potential clients understand exactly what you offer, making their decision to choose you that much easier. This isn’t just about being informative; it’s about making a connection. When clients see the range of what you offer, they start picturing working with you. It gives potential clients a snapshot of what you provide, making it easier for them to choose your services. And, it makes your profile more likely to pop up in relevant searches.

Here is an example:

Southern Creative Services

And that’s how to get Google My Business!

In the bustling online marketplace, standing out is key. Let’s review: What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is your marketing booster pack…so don’t overlook it! Whether you’re a cozy corner café or a coaching service, this tool puts you on the digital map, driving local SEO and enhancing your online visibility.

By meticulously filling out your profile, choosing the right categories, keeping your information consistent and updated, and engaging with reviews and posts, you transform your Google Business Profile into a THE online hub for potential clients. 


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