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How I Create Your Website In One Week

You know that feeling when you need a new website for your business, like, yesterday? Well, what if you could create your website in one week? I LOVE working on one-week website intensives with clients (it’s kinda the whole reason I created Launch Week 😉)

Of course, building a whole website in one week without the proper systems in place can just end up being a stress generator. It’s kinda like building a house out of sticks and straw and hoping a storm never hits!

But with some strategy and focus, setting aside one week to take care of the whole website launch process can actually be amazing! 

Cue Launch Week! We’ll still create your website in one week. But at Southern Creative, I like to do it in a stress-free, strategy-driven way that will deliver the traffic-driving, lead-capturing website of your dreams – by Friday! 

During your one-week website intensive, I work one-on-one with you to create a custom-tailored WordPress website, so you can start sending out that URL, ASAP. 

Even though creating a website in one week is pretty fast, there’s still a lot that goes on behind the scenes! In this blog, I’m giving you a peek behind the curtain at how the magic happens during the Launch Week process.


How I Create Your Website in one week


Pre-Launch Week

First things first, you’ll choose an available date on the Launch Week calendar. Once you’ve booked and paid, you’ll immediately receive an email with a link to your Website Workbook and a Loom video that takes you through how to get started on filling it out.

The week before your Launch Week date, we’ll also schedule a deep-dive strategy sesh to kick things off. 


Strategy call

This is where the fun begins! The strategy call lets me learn all about you and your business. I’ll want to hear all about what’s going on for your business now, plus your goals for the next year, the next five years…and all the years after that! 

We’ll hone in on the nitty-gritty marketing details that make you stand out from the competition. Even though your business might offer similar services to competitors, your unique place in the market, client experience, and customer journey, all make you stand out from the competition. Since these are the things that truly set your brand apart, we’ll want to invest some time here to get clarity.

My Mapped to Convert outlines will guide us to the heart of your one-of-a-kind marketing goals, so we can map a well-thought-out website experience that speaks to your ideal client. Then, we’ll discuss which template best matches your goals.


Content & Keyword Roadmap

After we have a game plan, it’s time to split up and cross off those to-dos! 

Post-meeting, you’ll get access to the content roadmap. With this over-the-shoulder copy guide (including writing prompts for each main website page), you’ll go from blank page to full-on website copy with ease.

The cornerstone of this entire process is keyword research! Keywords are crucial for SEO and driving traffic to your new site. I’ll help you get started on keyword research, and we’ll do a final check-in and review to lock everything into place before moving on to the next step!


Launch Week

Woohoo 🎉! After all that prep work, your official Launch Week has arrived, and it’s time to fully create your website in one week. 

Template customization

You’ll hand off the website copy and photos, and then you’re free to shift your focus wherever you need it to be (or just relax)! Meanwhile, I’ll dive into customizing your site with on-brand aesthetics, photos, content, and calls to action.

As I create your website during the week, we’ll use Slack to communicate updates, questions, and feedback quickly and easily. And once I hand the reins back to you, I won’t leave you hanging! I’ll keep our Slack communication lines up and running for one-week post-launch in case you have any last-minute questions. 

The following week, you’ll get access to the exclusive Southern Creative Launch Collective.


The Launch Collective

It’s my goal not just to hand over a website that looks and functions well on launch day but also to offer the support you’ll need to have a fantastic website for months and years to come. 

The Launch Collective will be your post-launch support system, with a library chock-full of tutorials that make website updates and maintenance easy-peasy – even if this is your first time using WordPress.

And if you want everything to be hands-off after launch day? No worries, I’ve got you! I offer maintenance packages for clients who prefer more support. 

Ready to create your website in one week?

Ditch the stress and confusion of DIY and partner with me for a one-week website intensive! After your Launch Week, you’ll have a strategy-based, SEO-optimized, five-page website that’s ready to launch…AND convert with confidence! 


Book your Launch Week now!

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