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Get Your Perfect Website with 7 Phases of a Website Redesign

94% of potential clients’ first impressions relate directly to your website’s design, so if your website isn’t working for you, that’s a pretty big deal! 

But even when you know you want a new website, it can be hard to know what that really means. 

What are the phases of a website redesign that will give your online presence the makeover it needs to resonate with potential clients?

That all depends on where you are now! Whether it’s optimizing your existing site for SEO, launching a new look, or undertaking a full website redesign, understanding your needs is the first step toward success.

Let’s talk about the phases of a website redesign (and how to know if you need one).

Do you need a website redesign?

Many times, clients come to me looking for a “new website.” One of my first questions is “What’s not working for you about your current website?”

Your answer to that question (and the questions below) are key to figuring out if you need a website redesign. 

So, how will you know if you need a website redesign? Ask yourself these four questions:


Did you recently update your business?

It’s a great time for a redesign! Any time you change your ideal client, services, or core branding & messaging, you should change your website accordingly. That way, you’ll have a brand-aligned website that connects with and converts your ideal client.

Launch Week is perfect for you! It’s my signature package for businesses who need a five-page website that’s crafted to convert – like, yesterday.

Does your website have lots of traffic but no sales?


This is a sign that your SEO and lead generation strategy are on-point…but there’s something missing when it comes to actually landing business. Knowing that people are interested enough to end up on your website but not taking the leap to become clients can feel super frustrating!

The good news is that this is very fixable. All it takes is purposeful design with conversion strategy mixed in. (And, by the way, changing things up for a positive user experience can boost conversions by up to 400%)

Are the wrong leads popping into your inbox?

Leads are fabulous…but only if they’re actually from your aligned clients.

If you’re wasting hours on leads that never convert into actual sales, then your website might be to blame. The solution? A strategically-designed, SEO-optimized website with crystal-clear messaging. That way, by the time a client shows up in your email, you both already know it’s a match made in heaven.

We can dig into your existing website with an audit and learn where the wires are getting crossed. Then, we can redesign a one-page or five-page website that connects you with more ideal clients, on repeat.

Do you cringe at the thought of sending a potential client to your website?

If you are feeling very SEEN by that question… it’s time for a website redesign! A pit-in-your-stomach feeling whenever someone asks for your URL means it is 110% time for a fresh new website. 

Your website is the first impression potential clients get whenever they Google you or if your website shows up in search results. You deserve to have a website that makes an amazing impact and represents your brand well!


Happy with your website design, but not-so-happy with your traffic?

Good website design and SEO strategy go hand-in-hand, but they’re not always done at the same time. You could have an absolutely ah-mazing-looking website. But when it comes to organic traffic, it might be crickets.

Why is that? You need a better SEO strategy. If you’re thrilled with the look and feel of your website, but are dying for it to bring in more business, then you need an SEO Strategy Refresh.

7 Phases of a Website Redesign

Our approach, whether it’s for Launch Week or a custom website redesign, follows a strategic and structured process that’s designed to maximize your online presence – and convert visitors into clients 🙌

We start with a website review and go from there, working our way through a systematic process that’s perfect for making on-brand, strategic websites. 

Here are the phases of a website redesign at Southern Creative.


 1. Website Review

You might think that all of the phases of a website redesign are strictly about aesthetics. Not true!

We start with a comprehensive dive into your site’s technical setup, SEO, structure, and user experience against your business goals. This website review not only benchmarks your site’s current performance but sets the stage for strategic improvements. 

At the end of our website review, we present clients with a detailed report, recommended next steps, and a review of top competitors. Knowing where you stand now helps set the stage for progress as we move forward!

Want to try your hand at a DIY website review? Grab our Audit Your Website guide!


2. Strategy

Armed with audit insights, we delve into SEO keyword research, competitor analysis, and aligning the site’s direction with your business objectives. We do a full-on strategy session that lays the groundwork for a targeted redesign focused on growth.

Psst! Phases one and two are also included in our SEO review services. Even if you don’t need a total redesign, a proactive SEO strategy can start bringing in more organic website traffic!

More of the DIY-type? Download the SEO Checklist here!


3. Design

Based on the initial audit and strategic planning, we craft homepage concepts that lead the way for the full site’s design. This creative phase brings your brand’s vision to life, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

4. Development and SEO Setup

Development and SEO are separate but intertwined processes. As your site takes shape, doing each one with an eye for the other ensures your site is optimized for search engines. This phase balances aesthetic appeal and design implementation with the backend details that result in high searchability.

5. Testing and Feedback

Before going live, we rigorously test the site internally and then invite client feedback. This ensures every element functions seamlessly, providing an intuitive user experience.

For the DIY-ers out there: Download our Pre-Launch Checklist for WordPress websites.

6. Launching

Cue the confetti! 🎉 With everything in place, it’s time to launch. We closely monitor the transition, ready to address any hiccups and ensure a smooth migration to your new or updated site.

7. Feedback and Customer Experience Analysis

Post-launch, we analyze how users interact with your site, utilizing tools like heat mapping and SEO data. This ongoing feedback loop allows us to refine and enhance the user journey long after launch.

Now you know the phases of a website redesign!

Aligning your website with your business goals is key to building an online presence that converts visitors to customers. Not everyone requires an extensive redesign – and not everyone goes through ALL the phases of a website redesign. Sometimes, an SEO-focused audit or choosing a strategy-driven template is all that’s needed to elevate your digital presence.

Wondering where to start with your website redesign?

Begin with a detailed website review to understand your current standing and uncover the most impactful next steps. 

Ready to launch with ease? 

Sign up for Launch Week and launch your dream website in just one week!

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