How to Drive Traffic to Your Website After Launch –
Part two

After your website has launched, with just a bit of intention, strategy, and valuable content – you will see increased traffic to your site and connect with aligned clients & potential customers. The most important thing to remember is your website should be constantly growing and changing with your business and knowledge. Adding content keeps it fresh, as well as, increases the value for your community. I dove into the first three ways I recommend to increase your website traffic in this post, so be sure to read that if you haven’t already.

If you are ready for even more ways to get new traffic to your website after launch – grab your favorite drink and keep on reading because I’m spilling the tea on some other ways you can increase traffic to your website and reach new potential clients – let’s dive in!

Adding in Opt-In Opportunities

These days, when people want to receive updates and promotional emails from your brand, they have to opt-in by submitting their email address. Then you’re good to go on sending them relevant marketing materials, newsletters, or email campaigns that help nurture them into clients.

When site visitors know they can count on you for expertise and incredible content, they’re much more likely to want to opt-in to receive communication from you! Make it convenient for visitors to sign up for your emails and get ALL of the great content from your brand by placing opt-ins in prominent areas of your site, like the homepage, the blog, and the header or footer of your site. Freebies can also be an incentive to opt into a brand’s email list! Readers get something of value, and you get the opportunity to communicate directly with potential clients. It’s a win-win!

Here are a few different examples of how you can integrate opt-in opportunities on your WordPress Website:

Utilize Paid Advertising

While the other ways I’ve talked about are free ways to strategically produce and promote content to increase site views, there’s also the traditional way to send users to your website: paid ads!

Paid ads can increase traffic quicker than content-driven marketing plans – and you have several choices when advertising your business!

Types of Paid Online Advertising

Most online advertising falls into three main categories. Social media advertising is an ideal place to narrow down a specific target audience based on their profile information and user data. Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform, so you’re sure to find opportunities to reach your ideal client!

Paid search advertising can be a solid option if you want to focus on growing your market share based on specific keywords. When a user types something into Google, they get back results based on their exact words and their search intent – and if your keywords fall into this category for a search, your business will show up in Google’s paid search results!

Display advertisements are the traditional ads you’re probably used to seeing all over the internet as you scroll websites. Partnering with a display ad network, like Google Display Network, you can design visually appealing ads and place them on over 2 million websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail.


Choosing the Right Kind of Ads for Your Business

You probably already know what I’m going to say – this all goes back to the ideal client profile! Think about the person you’re trying to reach, and then ask yourself what steps they might take to find your product or service online. You can also research where they’re most likely to spend their time online to target which social media platforms would be an ideal place to spend your advertising budget. SEO keyword research can also be super helpful – the exact keywords you’re counting on to send people to your site or blogs could be effective paid search terms!


Google Business Profile & Google Reviews

If you have a person-to-person-based business, creating a free Google Business Profile is essential to making your business more visible across Google services like Search, Maps, and Reviews. Even if you don’t have a physical storefront, it can help your company show up in local search results and give people an opportunity to leave rave reviews. It’s also a great place to share the latest posts from your blog – just add a quick update with a brief overview, photo, and call to action that lets readers know where to go for the full post. Whenever users search for a business, even if they don’t type a location, Google prioritizes local providers in search results. Sign up for a Google Business Profile, keep your contact information and contact information up-to-date, and share those blog posts – it’s an easy way to boost your SEO and bring new visitors to your site!


High-Quality Calls to Action

You might think that announcing an awesome freebie or posting a link to your latest blog post speaks for itself and will bring people to your website – and it probably will! BUT, you’ll see exponentially larger numbers if you pair great content with a clear call to action. If you want people to visit your site to download a freebie or use a link to read your latest blog post, tell them in your CTA!

Sometimes it can seem a little bit like you’re repeating yourself or being TOO direct when you’re writing a CTA – but, trust me, you’re not! I know it sounds so simple, but when you go out of your way to ask people to do exactly what you’d like them to do, you’ll get better results every time. 

Here is an example of an effective call to action used on the Healing Roots website a counseling practice in New Jersey.



Keep Your Site Up-to-Date and Secure

Once you’ve launched a WordPress site, it’s an essential part of maintenance to check in for updates! To give users the best experience and keep sites secure, WordPress makes slight modifications all the time – and to keep your site working as well as it did on day one, be sure to stay on top of these changes! It will keep your site looking the way you want it to and ensure that all of the plugins, links, and automations are working correctly. If these features break, it can affect user experience and confidence in your site. Not to mention, it could make your site vulnerable to hackers – yikes! 

Don’t forget to back up your site before making any updates, just in case something goes wrong during the installation process! Once you’ve made all the necessary updates, take a quick look around your site to make sure it’s working as expected.

How to check your website traffic

Now that you’ve implemented all of the above – you can keep an eye on your website traffic in a few different ways. A few of my trusted and top places I check on a monthly basis are: 

  1. Google Dashboard
  2. Monster Insight
  3. UberSuggest

Monthly Checklist to Drive Traffic to Your Website

After your website has launched, keep visitors coming to your site with a little bit of intention and strategy – I’m always cheering you on in your next phase of growth! As long as you provide value to your ideal client, you WILL see increased traffic to your site and connect with aligned clients & potential customers. Here is a quick recap of my best strategies to keep you on the fast track to website growth!

  • Add new, fresh, and shareable content to your blog at least twice monthly
  • Promote your latest content on social media
  • Offer valuable resources like freebies, quizzes, and opt-ins
  • Consider paid ads to bring attention to your site (more about paid ads coming soon!)
  • Start a Google Business Profile to boost local SEO results
  • Focus on high-quality calls to action to send social media followers to your site
  • Always keep your site up-to-date and secure

Thanks so much for hanging out with me on the blog today! If you’d like to partner together to build a strategic WordPress site that will bring users to your site long after launch, fill out my contact form!


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