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The 5 Main Pages You Need on Your Service-Based Business Website

When it’s time to build your site, you might sit down and think, “wait…what do even I need to put here?!” Well, pull up a comfy chair because today, we’re going to dig into the main pages you need on your service-based business website. I’m going to skip over the homepage (because, hopefully, we all know that one! 😉) and head straight into the top pages every service-based website needs. These five pages are the ones you’ll need to connect with more clients, showcase your brand, and seal the deal with customers!


What pages are must-haves to have on your website?


About Page

Even though the rest of the website should focus exclusively on your client’s needs, this page is the place to spotlight your brand and your team. After the homepage, the About Page is the next page most people visit. Why? Because people really like connecting and working with other people. Think about it like this: while tons of other people work in your niche, you’re the only YOU doing what you do. Showing the actual, honest-to-goodness person (or people!) behind the brand is your big chance to stand apart from the crowd and build connection with potential clients. Bring everything back around to how you can relieve clients’ pain points by highlighting your unique approach, relatable case studies, and additional glowing testimonials. 


Services Page

It goes without saying that a Services Page is one of the top pages every service-based business website needs, right? Whether you have just one service or a variety, you’ll want to keep this page laser-focused on getting people the information they need before doing business with you. Lay out the details about what you offer, how it helps people, and what they can expect to pay to work with you. If you have packages, list what’s included in each and how they get to the heart of a client’s problem. Sprinkle more social proof throughout the page – that way, as visitors scroll, they’ll get more touchpoints to back up how great it is to work with you!



Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, grow your brand, and connect with potential clients. And blogs are so much more than just writing! They’re a consistent source of fresh site content, which can increase your SEO rankings and chances of showing up in Google search results. As you build up a valuable and relevant content library, more and more people will land on your site. To figure out what you should post, consider your upcoming launches, common questions from clients, and what’s helped you in your business…then write about it! Over time, you’ll build more authority and trustworthiness by showing up to share your expertise and becoming a resource to others in your niche.


Instagram Links Page

You only get one link in your Instagram profile, so what happens if you have more than one product, launch, or link you want to share? This is where most Instagram users turn to a service like Linktree. Did you know you can build a custom-branded links page into your site that does the same job? When you skip the middleman and create a custom Instagram links page, you’re in total control of brand consistency and user experience. Instead of choosing from Linktree’s available colors, fonts, and formatting, you can make a mobile links page that looks exactly like the rest of your site! Plus, instead of sending your Instagram traffic through Linktree’s site, you’ll link people directly to your site from your Instagram profile. It’s a small change that adds up to boosted overall site traffic, better analytics data, and long-term SEO benefits!


Contact Page (with FAQs!)

Part of crafting a site that converts is mapping a path through your site to lead people to the Contact Page. Getting in touch with you should be as effortless as possible, so offer as many forms of contact as you’re comfortable with: a form, an email address, a phone number, and links to your social media accounts. Including a section of frequently asked questions will help you get out in front of anything that’s holding people back from booking a discovery call. For the contact form itself, short and sweet is always best! Only ask for the information necessary to book the first appointment with you; you can always learn more after someone has booked a call.

If you’ve been staring at WordPress and wondering what main pages you need on your service-based business website, I hope this list has helped you find direction! These five pages (plus a homepage!) are the essential building blocks of a website that will attract more ideal clients.

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