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Launch Week Highlight | Outside the Box

I recently wrapped a Launch Week with Emily, owner and lead assistant at Outside the Box Virtual Solutions. Working with Emily was a dream, and I’m over the moon with how this website redesign came together! 

Outside the Box is a medical virtual assistant service that specializes in supporting medical professionals. Emily previously worked in the medical field, so she knows it can be a huge struggle for medical practitioners to check off all those administrative tasks that come with healthcare. 

To solve that problem for her ideal clients, she supports medical professionals with scheduling, inbox management, prescription requests, and so much more – so they can stop playing catch-up at the end of the day and keep their practices running smoothly without getting burnt out.


Before the Redesign


It had been a while since Outside of the Box’s last website update, and the information and branding needed some freshening up for 2023. Emily had recently added another Virtual Assistant to her business and updated her services, so it was time to start attracting more aligned clients to sign on with Outside the Box!


Emily’s Launch Week Goals


Outside the Box’s ideal clients work in the medical field and have high standards for patient care, discretion, and attention to detail. We wanted a finished product that medical professionals could take seriously, and that would reflect the polish, warmth, and professionalism each client receives when working with Outside the Box.

Another key element of the Outside the Box brand is an overall feeling of calm. Emily learned firsthand in her own business that trying to wear all the hats can be overwhelming, which led to a passion for helping clients make space for a more sustainable work-life balance. We wanted to bring that feel into the design to help paint a picture of how clients’ lives could look after hiring a medical VA service.

Lastly, Emily wanted a website that would help her strategically convert potential clients from the moment they landed on the Outside the Box website. One of her main hopes for the redesign was that she could connect with clients that were a better fit for her current services


Out of the Box’s Launch Week 


After reviewing her overall goals, ideal client, and services, we decided that the Laine template would be perfect for Outside the Box. The Laine is modern and refreshing, so I love it for businesses that want to create an uber-polished vibe that builds authority with professional clients. 


We worked together to map a strategic journey through the site that would help clients understand what Outside the Box does, build the value of their services, and prepare ideal clients to book that discovery call by the time they landed on the contact form. 


And in just one week, we were able to create a brand-aligned website that would help Outside the Box do just that! Emily graciously shared her feedback, so read the Q&A below to hear more about the results of her Launch Week.


Let’s dive into a Q&A session with Emily about her recent Launch Week!


What’s your favorite part of your new website?

“I love how it looks very professional but still shows off my brand.”


What was the biggest struggle on your last site, and was that problem solved through working together for Launch Week?

“I had outdated information and services on there, and now my site is fresh and up-to-date!”


How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“I believe I will be able to attract better-fitting clients since I have more detailed and correct information on my site.”


Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

“Yes, we did! I think Slack makes it super easy to communicate, and I can easily go back through to look at what was said before.”


What’s your general review of our experience working together for Launch Week and the end designs? Speak to another potential client and tell them WHY they should do it!

“My website was in desperate need of an update. It is something I had been putting off for far too long. After meeting with Steph, I was confident in her ability to create the site I needed to be able to attract better-fitting clients. Working with Steph in her step-by-step process was easy and fun! I am so excited to show off my website that is professional but speaks to my brand as well!”


Here’s a closer look at the Launch Week process and designs for Outside the Box


You can also check out the live site to see how everything came together. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with Outside the Box on their new site! 


Ready for your own fresh new website? 

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