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Launch Week Highlight | Luxe Miami Designs

Today I’m back with another sneak peek into Launch Week with our latest client, Luxe Miami Designs. I recently had the incredible opportunity to partner with Tamara, the amazingly talented owner and event designer behind the brand, and I can’t wait to share the result with you. 

In this post, we’ll discuss our design challenges and how we brought strategy and clarity to Tamara’s overall vision. Let’s jump in!


The Client

When planning and designing her own wedding, Tamara discovered she had a serious passion and talent for creating elegant and elevated custom events – and that’s how Luxe Miami Designs was born!


Now she’s turned her talents toward helping others create memories that last a lifetime, whether they’re celebrating a wedding, milestone birthday, or baby shower. Luxe Miami Designs handles all aspects of luxury event design and planning, from logistics that make the event run smoothly to the visual design that adds an unforgettable “wow” factor to celebrations. It’s truly Tamara’s gift to help each client’s unique aesthetic and story shine through one-of-a-kind events. 


Before the Redesign

Tamara’s dream was a website that would accurately communicate the elevated service and expertise that her clients get through working with Luxe Miami Designs. Before working with Southern Creative, her website didn’t represent her proven process and high-touch approach to bringing each client’s vision to life. When Tamara reached out to me, she’d already tried three different website designs but had yet to get the results she’d hoped for. 

Our goals for Luxe Miami Designs’ Launch Week

One of our primary goals while working together was that Tamara would finally get a strategic website design and client journey that would attract her ideal client and let her brand shine. Since Tamara designs live events that represent the big, memorable moments in people’s lives, we wanted to help cast the vision of what it looks like to work with Luxe Miami Designs and just how breathtaking each event can be.


Working with a professional event planner and designer is a decision that can take so much stress out of special events and truly elevate events to the next level! It was our priority to show clients the value and experience of hiring Luxe Miami Designs and showing them they were in the right place from the moment they arrived on Tamara’s website.


Luxe Miami Designs’ Launch Week

After our initial strategy session and clarifying Tamra’s goals, we chose the Everly template for the new Luxe Miami Designs website. With its chic and refined look, the Everly communicates Tamara’s expertise and captures the elegant feel of a luxe, professionally-designed event. Additionally, the editorial layout of the Everly means there was plenty of space to show off stunning visuals from Tamara’s events alongside glowing client testimonials. 


Just one week after our kickoff meeting, Luxe Miami Designs had a website that communicates the brand’s essence and gives potential clients confidence that Tamara is THE event designer to plan their next big occasion. Tamara recently shared her experience with the Launch Week process, and you can read her Q&A answers below!


All about Luxe Miami Designs’ Launch Week experience

What’s your favorite part of your new website?

The integration of the video. It was just so beautifully and effortlessly done. I also love the flow of the website, the integration of client reviews throughout the website…I honestly love everything. I wish I had known about you from the very beginning!


How do you think this updated look will impact your new business?

MAJOR!!!!!! My clients will know that I am the one! I speak their language, and I can be trusted. My high-profile clients will feel confident in booking me because they will be blown away by the art that is my website. Thank You!!


How would you describe your launch week experience?

Amazing! Steph is very professional and her communication has been superb! Her style of communication through Slack has made communication very easy, as well as your use of Loom to share my website with me.


Did you successfully accomplish your design goals?

1000% to a T!


Any final thoughts about your experience with Southern Creative on this project?

My experience in working with Steph has truly been AMAZING! This is my third attempt at my website, and I really wish I knew about her sooner. She understood my vision, she has great and easy communication, and was very patient! She went out of her way to walk me through some of my technical difficulties! She was worth every penny paid! I would highly recommend her to any and everyone looking to create or re-brand their website!

I had a wonderful experience working on Luxe Miami Designs’ Launch Week, and I’m so glad to work with wonderful business owners like Tamara!


Check out Luxe Miami Designs’ website to see their lovely new design.


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