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How to Promote a Website Launch: Do These 6 Things

The number one thing I hear before I work with clients is how they absolutely cringe at the thought of a potential client landing on their website.

The Number One Thing I Hear Before I Work With Clients Is How They Absolutely Cringe At The Thought Of A Potential Client Landing On Their Website.


Over the course of a Launch Week, we help clients go from “oh no” to “heck yes!” when it’s time to share that URL. I want everyone to be OMG, shout-it-from-the-rooftops obsessed with how much they love their new website! 

But once you’ve gone through the design process and have a brand-spankin’-new website, how do you promote a website launch? With a little good old-fashioned website launch marketing and promotion.

If you’re looking for advice on how to promote a new website launch, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, I’ll share six tried-and-true ways to do just that. 

Before we get started on how to market a new website launch, a quick note on when to do it: don’t wait until launch day to start building the hype! Promoting your new website in the weeks leading up to launch builds up anticipation and gives you more time to spread the word – that way, you’ll have even more visitors when you go live. 


How to promote a website launch


There are so many ways to do it, but I’ll focus on my six go-to ways to target your existing audience, find new website visitors in your niche, and make the most of launch day.


Get Social


Social media is probably the number one place you’re already hanging out on the daily, so it’s an obvious place to share your upcoming launch. Promote your website launch on social media often (especially in reels and stories) and share what you’re working on behind the scenes. 

Tag whoever you’re working with, so they can repost your content – you might even attract some new followers! As you get closer to going live, post a countdown on stories, and share sneak peeks of the new design and launch day freebies and promos. Remember to post the link in stories and feed once you go live!

Pro Tip: Use custom launch graphics to promote a website launch on social media. We provide these to our clients, and they’re the icing on the cake for pulling together that official Instagram announcement (because everybody knows… nothing’s official until it’s on the ‘gram 😆)

Here are some examples of Launch Graphics we have used for clients in the past:


Notify Your Email Subscribers


If you have an email list, now’s the time to use it! Send out a big launch announcement with a link to the new site. After all, your email subscribers are your innermost circle of raving fans, so they will be thrilled to check everything out! This is also a great time to shout out the people you worked with on the launch and highlight some of your favorite parts of the new site (with direct links to different pages!) 


Set Up Giveaways and Contests


People love having the chance to win something, and it’s such a fun way to build up anticipation and bring other people into your big day. My friend Mara recently launched a new website, and I loved her launch giveaway idea. She set up a scavenger hunt throughout her website, and anyone who found everything could enter to win a gift card. It was such a fun way to get everyone clicking around the site and checking out everything new while having fun! 


Be a Guest on Podcasts and at Speaking Events


 Now’s the time to reach out to business besties with a similar niche and audience! Right when you’re launching a new website is the perfect time to put yourself out there with wider listeners that align with your brand. Each podcast, conference, or meetup you appear on reaches a whole new group of people who might not know you yet – and you’ll be ready to welcome them at your new URL!

Leah over at Leah Bryant Co. has a fabulous  Podcast Email Guest Templates freebie that can help you pitch yourself as a guest!


Add a compelling freebie to your website


Ramp up marketing day offerings by adding a new opt-in to your marketing funnel. You’re already driving a ton of traffic to your new site, so why not make the most of it with something that adds value for visitors? I’m partial to one-sheeter and workbook-style PDFs, but you could also make freebies in the form of a mini-course, podcast, or quiz. 

Whatever you choose, make it something clients need a few steps before they’re ready to work with you. Link download access to an email marketing platform like Flodesk or ConvertKit, then follow up with a welcome email campaign to grow a relationship with your audience.


Throw in some special launch-day exclusive services


You could add a new service to your lineup on launch day, limited-time promo pricing on VIP days for a limited time, or open a new course with limited launch-day enrollment. 

The main goal is to give website visitors the chance to get in on something premium, limited, or exclusive. Special offers generate audience interest leading up to launch, drive site traffic, and get more marketing bang for your launch investment. It’s a win-win-win!


Shout your new URL website from the top of every rooftop you can! 


If you’ve been wondering how to market a new website launch for your brand, I hope these six strategies will help you along the way! 

Make the most of the audiences you already have through social media and email, sprinkle in some exciting freebies and exclusive offerings, and put yourself out there as a podcast guest and speaker. Promoting your website doesn’t have to be complicated; it can actually be fun – and it pays off when it’s time to launch! Just have fun, get creative with how you promote your website launch, and enjoy your lovely new site. Happy launching! 


Still, cringing whenever clients ask you to share your URL? 

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