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How to Post a Blog In WordPress

If you’ve read the Southern Creative blog, taken a tour of the website, or hung out with me on social media, you probably already know that I’m a HUGE advocate for posting regular blogs on your site. A consistent blog strategy is one of the best ways to boost your search rankings. Every post you create is another chance to rank for relevant keywords that your ideal clients are searching for. The more blogs you write, the more chances you have to show up on Google and build know, like, and trust with potential clients. Of course, in order to post consistent blogs, you’ll need to know how to add a blog post at all!


One of the main things I see holding people back from making the most of blogging is the tech side. While many people have plenty of ideas for posts, they might not know how to post a blog in WordPress. I wanted to create a short tutorial to show you exactly how to create and schedule a blog in WordPress, so you can start posting blogs on your site ASAP!


Let’s walk through how to create a blog in WordPress.


How to post a blog in WordPress


1. Log into your WordPress dashboard

First things first, go to and login with your username and password. This will take you straight to your WordPress dashboard.

Psst! Did you know that you should actually change your WordPress login URL to protect your site from hackers + bots? You can easily do this with a plugin (my favorite is WPS Hide Login. If you’ve already hidden your login page, be sure to bookmark the new URL so you can easily find it to log in! 


 2. Create a new post

The easiest way to create a new post is to go to the left-side navigation bar and click on the Posts tab. Then, click Add a New Post. Now, a new post will pop up on your screen. Time to start filling things in!

How To Add A New Post In Wordpress

3. Add the post title

Navigate to the small bar at the top of your post and type in the post title. Don’t forget to incorporate your main focus keyword in the title!

How To Add A Blog Post Title In Wordpress


4. Add body content

Next, enter the body content for your post. I recommend actually writing your post on a dedicated document-creation platform, then copy and pasting it into WordPress.. It’s so much easier to write and keep track of your posts with Google Docs or ClickUp documents. And – bonus! – if you format headers, links, and fonts in your original document, everything will paste directly into WordPress. Just give everything a quick double-check in the WordPress editor before posting!  


5. Clean up the formatting

Change any text formatting or header styles throughout your post as needed based on your keyword and content strategy. During this step, you can also add images throughout your post to break up large walls of text. Interesting, original images encourage people to stop the scroll and spend more time reading your blog (which is also great for SEO!) Just click on the image icon at the top of the body text editor to add images.

How To Change Header Formatting In Wordpress Blog Post.

6. Double check SEO

Are you using an SEO plugin? You should be! My favorite is Rank Math. Check the plugin’s SEO rating and review the suggested changes. Make any necessary tweaks to your post to boost the plugin’s SEO rating. Make as many changes as you can to get a higher rating, but don’t stress out if you can’t get it absolutely perfect!


7. Add a featured image

Now that you’ve taken care of the content, it’s time to add your featured image. You can upload a new image (don’t forget to rename it with your keywords!) or use an existing image from your image library.

How To Addd A New Feature Image

8. Publish or schedule the post

Now you’re ready to hit publish – or you can schedule your post for later. We like to schedule our posts in batches of one month’s posts at a time. That way, it’s easy to know our posts will consistently hit the blog on autopilot. We also build a coordinating social media campaign around each post (and schedule those posts on their respective platforms). Select an upcoming date, then select Schedule to schedule a post for later. Press the Preview button to check for formatting and consistency issues.

How To Schedule A Wordpress Blog Post.

That’s how to post a blog in WordPress!

Remember, posting blogs regularly can have an incredible impact on your SEO. Every time you create a new piece of content, that’s one more chance to rank higher on Google. And every time a website visitor reads one of your blogs, you build know, like, and trust with your ideal client. Now that you know how to schedule a blog in WordPress, the tech side of publishing blogs won’t stand in your way. Here’s the bullet-points-only recap of how to post a blog in WordPress:


  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Create a new post
  • Add the post title
  • Add the body text
  • Clean up any formatting issues
  • Double-check your SEO plugin and make tweaks
  • Add a featured image
  • Publish or schedule the post


Now that you know how to create a blog in WordPress, are you looking for more SEO tips?


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