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How To Get Started As a Virtual Assistant

Ready to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant? Everything you Need to Know (+ a FREE Workshop!)


If you have been around here for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve been singing Micala Quinn’s praises for several years, and in case you missed it, you can catch up more on my journey of starting my business over on this post. The TLDR version is Micala Quinn’s course, The Live Free Academy, changed the course of my life –  not to be dramatic, but it’s true. So, if you are thinking about (or needing!) to earn an extra income from home, this post is for you.

Consider this your official guide to all things freelancing!

What is a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer?

A freelancer just means you operate as an independent contractor to help small or online businesses grow. You might have a specialized skill set (like graphic design, social media marketing, or copywriting), or you might offer virtual assistance support (this is where I recommend starting!). As a freelancer, you set your own rates, run your own business, set your hours, etc. You are in full control of the work you do- down to who you work with, plus where & when you work!


WHO is Micala Quinn?


Micala Quinn is your freelancing fairy godmother! She is a wife, mom, online course creator, podcaster, and WAHM enthusiast. Her mission is to revolutionize what it means to be a working mother. Micala’s online resources & podcast are designed to launch working moms into the freelance world prepared, confident, and ready to make their mark.

A few years ago, Micala was a teacher working 50-60 hours a week & making $2300 a month. Pre-tax. Oh, yeah…& she was absolutely miserable dropping her baby off at daycare every day. Like so many of my readers, Micala needed & wanted to work. She just wanted it to be on my own terms. She didn’t want to give up extra long morning snuggles or afternoons playing at the park. She wanted it all. After weeks of researching every available option, Micala found freelancing & found her solution!

Within a few months of freelancing, she was working 15-20 hours a week & earning double her old paycheck. With her daughter (now a feisty 4-year-old + amazing big sister!) right beside her every step of the way!


What makes Micala’s Live Free Academy Course different?


This is the exact process Micala used to go from a stressed-out, paycheck-to-paycheck teacher to a thriving, 6-figure CEO! There are tons of experts out there teaching you how to freelance, yes- but how many of them understand your circumstances? How many of them are taught by mothers who understand your need to grind it all out during nap or bedtime? Or even pulling early mornings & late nights while you still work a full-time job? Not many. 

Additionally, everyone loves to tell you how they did it….but Micala is here to show you. Step by step. She’s pulling back the curtain on all those secrets of how women manage to work from home + earn enough to quit their full-time jobs!


Is freelancing for working moms or stay-at-home moms?


Freelancing is for anyone who has ever wondered if the traditional 9-5 needs some revamping. Whether you have a ton of prior work experience & a specialized skill set, or your brand new to the workforce- if you have a passion & a need to grow your own business…freelancing can change your life.

Ready to get started? Micala is currently offering a FREE workshop and starter course to all my readers!


During the workshop, you will learn:

  • ALL about modern moms are working from the playground and during naptime- earning more money and working fewer hours. 
  • How to find your secret superpower & turn it into a wildly profitable service. 
  • The surefire fastest way to get your business up and running in 6 months or less without wasting time or money! 

Ready to get started as a virtual assistant?

Want access to the Crash Course? 


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Want to learn more about my story getting started as a freelancer? 


If you have any questions about getting started, head over to my Instagram and pop into our DMs with any questions! 


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