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ClickUp Dashboard for Client Management

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt swamped under the weight of managing multiple client projects, each with its own set of deliverables, deadlines, and client communications 🙋‍♀️I’ve definitely been there! And let me tell you, client management with ClickUp has been an absolute lifesaver at Southern Creative. 

Today, I want to share some insider insights on how we’ve been doing client management with ClickUp to really level up our game and offer our clients an experience that’s as smooth as our morning latte.


What is ClickUp?


If you’ve never heard of ClickUp or a ClickUp dashboard, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a project management tool that can keep track of – and keep YOU on track with – every aspect of project management and client communication. We like to use ClickUp dashboards for both 1:1 client projects and internal team tasks!


Basically, all of your project to-do, phases, deliverables, and homework can live neatly organized, easily manageable, and viewable by you, clients, and your team. That’s what ClickUp and ClickUp dashboards are for. It’s our go-to for staying on top of our projects and ensuring we never miss a beat.


Seamless client experience with ClickUp dashboard

ClickUp has a ton of features, but the real magic happens when you get strategic and streamlined about creating a shared workspace with clients and a ClickUp dashboard. We do that by creating shared workspaces and simple customized ClickUp dashboards for each client. 


But, you can do this however it works best for your business! Let’s talk about the types of things you can share with clients and some examples of how we use ClickUp and ClickUp dashboards with Southern Creative clients.


What’s a ClickUp dashboard?

ClickUp Dashboards are like a project’s command center. You start with a default ClickUp dashboard, but the real fun begins when you customize it. Tailor it to your branding, make it client-friendly, and voilà – you’ve got a one-stop shop where your clients login and see everything about their project in one place.


What are spaces in ClickUp?

Spaces in Clickup are totally customizable areas for managing tasks and projects. You can create folders, lists, cards and more to keep track of everything you do for each project. 

Setting Up a workspace in ClickUp

There are so many ways to customize this to your client experience and business! Here’s just one example of how we do it at Southern Creative.


Set up a client welcome section

We like to keep everything clients might need for their project right here! We include things like:

  • Copies of any contracts and onboarding materials we’ve sent out
  • Instructions and tutorials on using ClickUp
  • Payments schedules and reminders
  • Communication guidelines, office hours, and typical turnaround times
  • Instructions on providing feedback
  • FAQ’s about revisions, extras, and timeline revisions


Onboarding procedures (for internal use)

This area is attached to each client, but it’s kept private to Southern Creative team members. Here, we keep an internal list of our onboarding process so we stay streamlined and never miss a beat. Some things you might want to include here:

  • Send a welcome email
  • Give clients access to shared folders
  • Invite clients to ClickUp/Slack/Dubsado portals
  • Received client homework
  • Assign due dates and user tasks for every step of the project in ClickUp
  • Assign team members to tasks


Admin folders for the team (for internal use)

We also like to keep an area with helpful links and reminders that are a part of every client process. For example, we might include:

  • A comprehensive guide to Google Drive folders
  • Client contact information
  • Reminders to check in at milestones after the project
  • A reminder to send a thank you gift at the end of a project



There’s a fair amount of work that happens at Southern Creative before we officially kick off a Launch Week or Scalable website project. ClickUp lets us create specific tasks and assign them to team members or clients with due dates, so we can ensure homework and initial consultations are done in a timely manner. This area is also a great place to keep copies of completed client workbooks and questionnaires!


Project management and workflows

The steps of each project look a little different for us based on the service booked and what we’ve agreed upon with the client. However, anyone can customize a list of tasks related to the project for seamless project management.

You can even automate the process of setting reminders for next steps as a task moves through the stages of a project. Plus, clients can comment directly on mockups and documents within ClickUp – talk about streamlining feedback!



There are always additional to-dos when it comes to wrapping up client projects and offboarding. For clarity, we like to keep these tasks separate from website design tasks. As we wrap up projects, some tasks we might include are:

  • Bringing a new website online
  • Walking the client through their live site
  • Granting access to additional resources
  • Receiving payment for the final invoice
  • Delivering passwords and finalized branding guides to the client


 Customizing a ClickUp dashboard

You can also create an on-brand ClickUp dashboard to serve as a central hub for clients.  Here is a sneak peak at ours for Launch week!

Clickup Project Dashboard

Consider embedding the following elements into the ClickUp dashboard for easy access:

  • Walkthrough videos
  • Helpful resources
  • To-dos
  • Progress bars
  • Your tasks
  • Payment reminders

That’s how we use ClickUp dashboards!

We absolutely love using ClickUp and ClickUp dashboards to keep our team and clients on task, organized, and communicating well about every aspect of projects.


Ready to transform how you manage projects and communicate with clients? 

ClickUp and customized ClickUp dashboards might just be the answer you’re looking for. You can try ClickUp now with my link!

If you already use ClickUp but want to start using customized dashboards, check out Purposeful Systems. Kaci sells AMAZING ClickUp templates for every kind of business owner –  or her incredible set up team can help you build a custom-made solution!


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