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Looking for WordPress tips and best practices for your online service-based brand? We are sharing bite-sized and actionable WordPress tips and strategies to help you launch your website swiftly and stress-free!

WordPress Categories vs. Tags on laptop on bed with matcha drink.

WordPress Categories vs. Tags – What’s the Difference?

You all know I am a huge cheerleader for creating quality website content to drive organic traffic to your site!  But navigating the world of WordPress means more than just ...
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Business owner working at home on laptop.

Why you NEED a WordPress Child Theme

No two websites are alike. And yet…many different websites can be built using the same theme as a starting point. When it comes to WordPress, themes and templates are a ...
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What is DNS? | Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever typed in a website URL and wondered how the magic happens behind the scenes? That’s thanks to DNS! Or maybe you’ve tried to change your hosting provider ...
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desk with wordpress website checklist and glasses

How to Preview Your WordPress Website Before Going Live

Putting together a website is intensive work, y’all! And when you have your head down in the design phase, it’s easy to get so focused on what you’re doing that ...
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wordpress web designer using pinterest to promote blog posts

How to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest

If you're not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, boost lead magnets, level up email marketing, and promote your brand…it's time to start! Pinterest is definitely still a ...
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business owner working on seo website site speed at home desk

8 SEO Website Speed Tips for Better Website Page Speed

Did you know that keyword research and on-page SEO are only one piece of the SEO optimization puzzle? Site speed is one of the most important factors in overall website ...
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semi custom wordpress website on coffee table

Why Semi-Custom Websites are a Game Changer for Small Businesses

Investing in a custom WordPress website can turn into an intense process that requires a considerable financial investment and can take months to complete. And yet, building your site from ...
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wordpress web designer, southern creative

Do I Need a WordPress Web Designer?

So it’s time to build a new website for your business, and you’re wondering if you should hire a WordPress web designer or if it's OK to DIY! If you’re ...
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photo of work at home desk researching wordpress website theme vs template

WordPress Theme vs. Template: What’s the Difference?

Choosing WordPress for your new website is one of the best decisions you can make for your business! It’s one of the top website platforms in the world for a ...
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service provider verifying domain in flodesk on computer in kitchen

How to Verify a Domain in Flodesk

Do you have a Flodesk account? If so, this blog post is for you! Flodesk is my go-to email marketing platform - they make it so simple to send gorgeous ...
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