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haute stock stock photo of modern office desk at home with glasses, coffee and plant.

How to use stock photography from Haute Stock on Your Website

Choosing the right visuals can make all the difference in connecting with your ideal clients online. Whether you opt for stock photography or invest in custom brand photography, you’ll want ...
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olive and vine socials brand style guide, what to include in a brand style guide

7 Things Your Brand Style Guide Must Have!

A strategically-designed website can be an absolute game-changer for leveling up your brand and connecting with more ideal clients. But before you can dive into creating a whole new website, ...
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Why You Need Brand Strategy in Your Website

Want to hear a web design secret? The perfect color palette or website template won’t make a bit of a difference for your brand if they’re not paired with a ...
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Why Your Business Needs Brand Photography

Once you have your brand design and visual direction in place, what’s the next step to level up your marketing? Partnering with a professional photographer for personal branding photography! Custom ...
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Why you Need Brand Guidelines Before Investing in your Website

Today, I’m sharing all about the essential first step in my signature website building process: Brand Guidelines! When your business is growing, it’s inevitable that you’ll get to the point ...
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